The Day We Met 1 Year Ago

I met my husband one year ago. For the first time.

We’ve been married for 3-1/2 months now.

September 26th I remember it so well. I was an independent girl, working full-time as a freelance writer in the midst of a big project and pursuing other dreams on the side (starting a flower business and my personal blog) while giving myself to others (a few big families I nannied for). I was busy, life was full and my heart was overflowing- besides a dream I had put on hold for many years, patiently waiting for, but totally out of my control. 

Wayne popped up out of nowhere a couple weeks before, when he contacted me (he found my blog and lost his heart ;p ). Although he grew up in the same town I attended high school in, I had never met him, and he was in West Virginia at that time. He looked interesting, different, perfect; maybe. But I didn’t know him, never seen him. I threw myself into a ball of anxiety in the week from the time he asked me out for coffee. By Friday night, I had convinced myself that he wasn’t the one and my heart was broken already at the stress of starting and ending another relationship. I let it all out on a trip for ice cream with Dad and he tried hard to tell me not to worry. It’s just coffee. Just have fun, Shyla! – I can hear him now. :)

Wayne and I went out for coffee again this morning to remember. And it all came back to me. Pulling in, I saw him sitting in his black truck and almost knew right away – all my guards fell down. He came around, in such an approachable way, opened his arms to me for a hug like it was second nature (unlike an Amish boy ;) and we went in for coffee. Besides his kind, gentle nature and the way he listened and asked questions- what I remember the most was him, in his light gray Kaufman shirt, and the tenderness in his steel-gray eyes. There was a world of history there, one I could relate to and be understood by. This was it.

It was all over after that. I had no idea how my life would change, but it happened fast and wonderfully. We had some of the most wonderful experiences in those first months, falling in love… I remember the first date and walk under the stars, the meet halfway at Seneca Lake, the hike and promise at Cuyahoga Falls, my first time to West Virginia and a stop at Mark & Noreen’s, our road-trip that ended up in Bethany Beach, Delaware… it was a dream.

Then the holiday’s started, we spent most of our time integrating ourselves with family and friends…and talk of marriage started. We booked a winter trip to Hocking Hills, where Wayne asked me to marry him… I said yes, we planned our wedding in four months and here we are – in West Virginia, I’m a wife and we’ve been married for three months.     

I barely remember being a single girl. Everything changed after that Monday morning coffee at 8am in Sugarcreek, Ohio and I had no control over it.

If you’re hoping to fall in love, make sure you’re ready because there’s no turning back. Haha – just kidding. God knows the PERFECT time and you’ll be ready. This is my advice: live to the fullest, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you’re waiting for. And never live like your waiting. Pursue another dream while you’re waiting on one.  

As I looked into his steel gray eyes again this morning, I fell in love again. He is just as incredibly tender and more precious to me than I could’ve ever imagined. Being married is such a wonderful thing, the best way to be with another, and the purest, most beautiful gift from the Lord.

I can’t say that being single was less, I was just as happy. God gives us grace wherever we are at. I pray that you find the peak of happiness just where you are and that we all lack just enough to long for heaven.

Love Shyla