Hello Everyone, this is Shyla here. Let me introduce myself. 

I am a believer in love and finding the beauty in everyday life, the good, the bad, and the hard times. The color pink makes me happy and if I could have a latte and pastry every single morning, I would! Flowers are my favorite medium and I find my solace in the outdoors. Green resonates in my soul and being in the woods with those large trees makes everything right again. I’m a country girl at heart and simplicity is one of the things I relate to the most. I find the greatest value in creating beautiful things and loving people. I love understanding and celebrating the unique qualities of others. I’m also a regular runner, reader, adventurer, home keeper, organizer, event planner, and artist!

Through my work and writing I hope to do one of three things. Inspire you - fill your life with beauty and inspire you to do the same. Encourage you - Share with you my heart and thoughts to which you can hopefully relate.  Point you to Jesus - He is my Savior and my everyday companion. Embracing the journey He has for me has been the biggest, greatest ride of my life. And after all, He is the best artist of all.

I hope this endeavor is a ministry and a blessing to you. If you would like - Sign up for my blog below and find me on Instagram at  @_shylamarie for daily inspiration. 

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You, my dear are special and your life should be filled with beauty. Here’s to a new friendship.