Fall Capsule Wardrobe in 6 Pieces

The Most Versatile Pieces for Fall

Happy Autumn Friends! It's October, and officially my favorite season of the year! The crisp Autumn air just gives the opportunity for a fresh start. It's like a breath of fresh air and a wave of hope in one fell swoop. I pray that you find some beautiful adventures to take this fall and moments to appreciate the beauty. Come visit us in Ohio if you want to see some of the best foliage in the world. 

Need some help pulling together a simple capsule for this beautiful season? These are 6 super versatile pieces and some advice on how to make them work in a ton of different ways!


// You cannot go wrong with a simple cotton dress. Find one that flatters and you've got yourself a staple to dress up or down that will never be boring! I recommend a long sleeve one because it prevents the need to match up a long sleeve cardigan or jacket, which can make the outfit look frumpy if it's not just right. Knee length or shorter dresses tend to pair well with tall boots and longer ones with ankle boots. For the purpose of a capsule, choose a neutral color like black or tan that will go with a variety of vests, scarves and boots. In the same way, invest into a good, neutral long sleeve top that will serve the same purpose with jeans.

[ See these ones, these ones, this one, this one, this one, and these ones.]

2// VEST

// Top off that staple dress or shirt with a million different vests! I am a huge fan of duster's right now like the green one in the picture above. The ones with ties accentuate the waist like a dress. Kimonos are also popular currently and a great way to bring pattern and color!

[ See this puffer (also found at BFearless), leather, denim, sleeveless duster (mine), sweater vest, kimono (also)]. 

3// staple CARDIGAN

Find a staple cardigan that you love and could grab every day. For me, it was important to find one that was just the right shade (I don't look good in greys or camel, so this was hard to find!). I also realized that I don't like sweater-knit - it's too warm and thick for me. Find one that you love, flatters, and you could grab every day. It's a hard task but better than having 20 that you barely like. 

[I found my perfect cardigan at BFearless store (local boutique)- they've got a wonderful variety! Also see this. If you like those thick, chunky ones see these].


Fall is a great time for jackets and can really make an outfit when you're going out. So invest into one that makes a statement!

[See denim, leather (also), trench (also), utility, bomber]. 


// 1-2 good pairs of short & tall boots will tie the bow of autumn onto your outfits. Invest in a quality pair that you love!

[Like these ones, or these ones]. 

6// SCARF that matches boots

// If you want a great, pulled together look, get a scarf the same color as your boots. 

[I love these oversized lightweight scarves!]
[The one in the photo above I actually made myself! (I know!.. haha.. it was easy though) - with this loom (largest size)].


Happy Autumn Friends - I hope it wraps you up like a warm sweater!


Photography: The fabulous Jenna Lauren Photography


Tune in next week for my tips on online shopping and my favorite shops!
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Love Shyla