Inspired By Love

Hey Friends, 

I have been wanting to write to you for a while, and this morning I became overwhelmed with this message. It almost brings tears to my eyes. 

It's crazy, when God anoints something. Sometimes, a lot of times, I have something beautiful in mind, but I don't feel compelled to write about it, or it just doesn't happen, and then there are times when I feel incredibly compelled and I know that the Lord has a message for us. The words flow and the beauty shines. It has little to do with my eye for beauty or creative ideas. I feel so out of control - and  this overwhelms me, because I know that God is behind this. He is speaking to me and you and I am so happy to share. 

A few weeks ago, I prepared a bouquet for a beautiful woman who I admire and treasure.  There were flowers in my garden that I knew were her color and I waited for them to be in full bloom to put this bouquet together. 

Who Karen is, is a testimony in itself. I believe that each one of us are. That, in itself is a miracle. A friend of mine said this the other day...

Every person is a creative and divine expression of heaven. See yourself that way and see others that way- it’s a powerful way to live!
— Blaise

Karen came to pick up her bouquet on a day that her company was preciously welcomed at my kitchen table. There's something so simple and pure about her and yet deep and rich just like this burgundy bouquet. Her face was glowing when she walked in. She's quiet yet easy to get acquainted with. She's a good friend; a confidant and believer in people. We drank through a craft of black coffee and she told me simple things about her life. She had been affected by a song she stumbled upon while working and said that she played it over and over, until she was moved to tears. That happens to me too. 

I think that sometimes God communicates with us indirectly because we don't know how simple it is to commune with Him. I think that we often forget just how much the Lord loves us, and that we don't have to do anything to deserve or receive that. Or sometimes we just forget, how good His love is, and how much we need it.

>> Press play below and let this message minister to you as you read. 

 What I feel the Lord wants to tell you today is - HE LOVES YOU.





The Simple Gospel

I pray that you can do this today, and I am praying over you that the Spirit touches you while you read this. You are precious to God. He doesn't just want you to know this but to experience it. 

As you turn your attention to Me, feel the Light of My Presence shining upon you. Open your mind and heart to receive My heavenly smile of approval. Let My gold-tinged Love wash over you and soak into the depths of your being. As you are increasingly filled with My Being, you experience joyous union with Me: I in you, and you in Me. Your Joy-in-Me and My Joy-in-you become intertwined and inseparable. I suffuse your soul with Joy in My Presence; at My right hand there are pleasures forevermore.
— Jesus Calling, October 23
You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
— Psalm 16:11
I love you people with a love that will last forever.
— Jeremiah 31:3

(Hey, secret - I think that experiencing this love in the midst of whatever we are struggling with is really the secret to our best lives). 

love shyla

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