Our Dream Session for 2016

Part 2 - Dreaming & Goal Setting for 2016

I gathered a group of my sweet friends this weekend and we had a dream session for the New Year. We enjoyed chatting together during brunch and brainstorming, dreaming and praying together. It was an incredibly refreshing and energizing time!

There’s just something about getting together with a group of beautiful people. In our case we didn’t all know each other but are in similar seasons of life. Speaking out your dreams is powerful, and even more so is speaking life into another person. If you want to create a gathering like this as well, see my preparations below including some great questions for goal setting in 2016 for yourself and your business!


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Menu | Brussels Sprout Quiche Muffins, Kielbasa, Cranberry & Blackberry Oatmeal Bars, fruit, juice, tea, and coffee.

Setting | Rifle Paper Co. notebooks, colorful sharpies, colored pencils, markers, watercolors, paper, pens & pencils.

What we did | Prayed – asking the Holy Spirit to join us. Brainstormed – Asked the Lord for insight for the year; using colorful utensils to draw and write down words that inspired a theme for the year (i.e. Hope, Fresh Start, Love, Grow, No Limits). Goal Set – Started by asking ourselves these 3 questions: 1. What am I passionate about? 2. What makes me come alive? (Don’t take too long to answer these questions - write down what you think of first). 3. What can I do this year to fulfill these things? Then we answered these questions for 2016 (Included are 2015 review questions however we did not do these at our session). Also see here if you are goal setting for a business. We then chose one of our goals and wrote down practical steps towards making that happen this year (scheduling a date, calling someone, etc). Shared our passion and one of our goals while encouraging and speaking out what we see in each other. Prayed for one another. *Coffee and tea were consumed during this process. :)


We are all incredibly unique individuals and each have beautiful gifts to offer the world. We don’t always know what we’re passionate about until we take time to pray and think about it though. Anytime this year, I’d encourage you to get a group of people together and point these things out in each other. If you choose to goal set during that time, you can keep each other accountable throughout the year, encouraging and inspiring each other. 

Think, not of what you can change about yourself this year, but of what you have to offer.


God is doing a new thing! And He is beyond GOOD.

Happy New Year and blessings upon your dreams!


Love Shyla

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