Winding Down on a Friday Evening

Hello there friends. It's Friday! Time to wind down for the weekend. This is how I chose to after a hectic (yet exhilarating ;)) work week, taking a bath.

So, are you ready... let's wind down... 

Are you relaxed already?

I'm heading out to a dear friends wedding this weekend on a jet trip to Maine! Fly in Saturday morning, fly out Sunday morning. Before I started packing, I had to start winding down! It's going to be a great weekend. (I promise I'll share some pictures! What are you doing to prepare for a great weekend?

My tips for an extra relaxing bath: 

       - A drop or two of Essential Oil (The scents have healing qualities and smell ohhh so good!). 
       - Natural soaps (they give off the best scents)
       - Bath Salts - relaxing qualities and good scents
       - Light a candle, turn the lights down

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Labor Day!