Hello Friends, 

Welcome to this fresh new blog. I've been so so anxious to launch this baby and write to you! I must say thank-you to my dear friend Jenn, who helped me make this dream a reality. Without her wonderful website expertise, and the beautiful friends who have inspired me to make this happen, this would not have been possible.

I am overjoyed at the response that I get when I post something beautiful on Instagram and to find out that I am not the only one who finds joy in it! A few years ago, before I ever had an Instagram account (Because I tend to be a grandpa when it comes to these things...) I was looking through Facebook for inspiring pictures. For something beautiful. Nothing. I wondered where people go to get inspired. Of course there is Pinterest now, however I have realized through the years, as Instagram has become a creative platform for me, that beauty is a vital part of my life. I think that the motivation behind this organ is the desire to find something special in everyday life, and something my mother taught me, to celebrate! It seems to me that celebrating the beautiful, sometimes messy, otherwise routine things in life gives glory to God who is the creator. In fact, I think he celebrates with us!

Tulipan's Hungarian Pastry Shop | Wooster, Ohio

Tulipan's Hungarian Pastry Shop | Wooster, Ohio

I had a cup of coffee today with a sweet friend and was reminded of just how important it is to breath life into each other. I was telling her that I don't quite know the complete picture for this endeavor but desire for it to serve others, and she spoke courage into me by telling me that she thinks I have something important to offer the world. 

This is exactly what I want to do for you here. Breathe life into you. Inspire you. Encourage You. 

I believe there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.
— Vincent van Gogh

I truly do believe that there is nothing more artistic than to love people as Vincent van Gogh said himself. Of all creation, humanity is the most intricate and important thing that God created and it is at the core of His heart. 

A few weeks ago when I asked a bunch of you what it is that inspires you -many of you responded with: meaningful conversations with others. I think too, that when we vocalize our ponderings, and speak into being what we see in each other, we create a complete picture. We were created to go through life in partnership. So I hope that this blog can serve that purpose in a small way, to create conversation, and make you feel like we are talking over a cup of coffee. So, come on over - Have a seat. Welcome to my table. 




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